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The Porsche Buffalo Team

Brian Culligan

Brian Culligan | General Manager

I've been selling Porsches since 1995 and I want to thank all of my customers around the country for their business over the years. I am proud to represent the best automobile company in the world.


Brian  Runions

Brian Runions | General Sales Manager

Brian has been with our company for over 17 years and with Porsche for more than 5 years. Contact Brian for any needs related to our Sales, Finance, or Admin departments. He is also ready and willing to assist with all dealer trades.

Phone: 716.633.5200 • Email:

Todd  Runions

Todd Runions | Porsche Certified Sales Manager

Todd has been with Northtown since 2001 and is excited to be part of our Porsche team since 2009. Please feel free to contact Todd at any time for New or Preowned Sales, Dealer Trades, or all other Sales department needs!

Phone: 716.633.5200 Ext. 190 • Email:

Martin  Hares

Martin Hares | Porsche Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Phone: 716.633.5200 Ext. 204 • Email:

Russ Mistretta

Russ Mistretta | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Phone: 716.633.5200 Ext. 209 • Email:

Alex Greno

Alex Greno | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Phone: 716.633.4000 Ext. 203 • Email:

Brandon Trusso

Brandon Trusso | Sales Consultant

I have been with the company for 3 years and I committed to give you exceptional service in an efficient and professional manner. While not at work, I do stand up comedy and have been performing since 2006.  I am dedicated to maintaining top tier customer service, for both new and pre-owned car buyers!

Phone: 716.633.4000 Ext. 210 • Email:

Mike Hanretty

Mike Hanretty | Sales Consultant

Mike has been at this location for the past 30 years. There is an endless selection of automobiles with Northtown’s 15 franchises.

Phone: 716.633.4000 Ext. 192 • Email:

Mark Hannon

Mark Hannon | Sales Consultant

Phone: 716.633.5200 Ext. 202 • Email: